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WoSign officially introduced 1 Click PKI service and application system for free SSL certificate

Keeping pace with the most advanced technology throughout the world, WoSign takes the lead in introducing 1 Click PKI service today and enables the new web site http://pki.click. WoSign now realized applying for free SSL certificate or free email encryption certificate in just one click. We plan to introduce 1 Click HTTPS in March, realizing the full automated management of the life circle of SSL certificate application, installation and renewal.

1 Click PKI for email encryption service, which can automatically deploy email encryption certificate freely and secure confidential information of email, will be introduced in June. This will support automatic application for email encryption certificate, automatic renewal and automatic acquisition of recipient's public key certificate as well as cloud-based virus-killing of email attachment and address in the contents. It is also the exclusive certificate in the world that supports email to be attached with timestamp. We plan to introduce 1 Click PDF Signature and Certificate and 1 Click Code Signing services in the latter half of this year.

Mozilla, Akamai, EFF and Cisco plan to introduce free automatic deployment tool of SSL certificate by the middle of the year. WoSign also starts to develop the whole series of automatic tools besides SSL certificate. We aim to help all the subscribers to realize different kinds of certificate applications in just one click, lower the barrier of using certificate, popularize certificate applications by removing technical barrier and promote the security level of Chinese internet industry.

WoSign has exclusively made all DV SSL certificates that validate only domain proprietorship free of cost since January 4. It is strongly supported by Chinese customers and has received warm welcome from lots of European subscribers. One German customer even set up an application guideline website, translating Chinese Buy system into English with screenshots. This may be a very first one and only in China for we usually can only see guideline of foreign products with lots of screenshots in Chinese websites. We are honored to announce that today we have introduced the English version of applying system and realized the 1 Click application in English for free SSL certificate and free email encryption certificate. We plan to introduce the English website of buy system in the second quarter of the year.

2015 will be the year for WoSign to take off. We will introduce a series of 1 Click encryption products and services for global subscribers. So stay tuned!