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WoSign Customer Service Center

WoSign constantly strives to provide world-class customer service and support to our valued clients. WoSign Customer Service Center is your resource to finding answers to your questions. WoSign's web-based Customer Service Center is available to you at work time. Telephone support is available to Standard Support from Monday through Friday,8:30a to 6:00p. Expanded support offerings are available by SLA. We recommend clicking the right online help button to get instant help at our work time.

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Microsoft Authenticode Signing Instruction

IIS 8.0 Centralized SSL Certificate Support: SSL Scalability and Manageability

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WoSignCode.exe(Code Signing Tool)

Windows 7 shows the two-signature patch pack (X86 platform, X64 platform)

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WoSign CPS and Subscriber Agreement (old root chain CPS)