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Why WoSign?

Why WoSign? A meaningless question. Why NOT WoSign? you need a trusted CA to issue browser trusted SSL certificate for you, WoSign is your best choice.
And WoSign China is one of the largest digital certificate provider in China, has more than 70% market share in China.
WoSign has many customers just like you. We understand your needs and meet your request - better performance but lower price.

WoSign digital certificates can be recognized and trusted by all browsers, all email programs and all web servers;

We validate the certificate applicant true identity very strictly according to international industrial standard CPS (Certification Practice Statement), based on third party's trusted database;

We started our digital certificate business from 2004, and we have a R&D team with full PKI/CA system development and maintenance experience, and have a strong identity vetting team with full experience. We are in this industry for 6 years, and provide service to near 10 thousands customers in China;

WoSign digital certificates, compared with other provider, have an unparalleled price advantage, because of the lower cost of human resources in China. And we have innovated the vetting method to reduce the cost of authentication which can reduce the total cost, thus we can have a competitive price for you. Hi-tech from Silicon Valley, and lower labors from China;

Not like other provider that only support English in certificate subject, WoSign certificates support all commonly used languages in the world like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arab etc. and not only support non-English in subject, but also support International Domain Names like 中文 .com;

WoSign have a number of the first in China and in the world: the first global trust and support all browsers digital certificate provider in China ; the first free time stamp service in China ; the first support for Chinese in certificate subject in the world.

WoSign provides a full function free SSL configuration deep analysis tool for you to let you check if your SSL work well.

Make the right business decision - Choose WoSign, thank you!