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About WoTrus

WoTrus is a licensed CA in China, and passed WebTrust annual audit since 2012.WoTrus start to sell digital certificates from 2004 as a reseller of some world famous CA, and start to sell its own WoSign brand digital certificates from 2006. From 2011, WoTrus launched its own root CA system and joined Windows Trusted CA Program at 2013.



Making the Internet more secure and trusted!

Mission :

To build online trust and ensure online security!

Services and Products:

To provide third party digital identity verification service, and issue all kinds of digital certificates including SSL certificates, code signing certificates and client certificates.

Brief Introduction:

WoTrus CA Limited, setup at 2002, start to sell digital certificates products to fast growing China market at 2004, it operated as headquarter office, and setup R&D Center and Operation Center in China to develop PKI/CA related system, and to provide technical support and customer service to worldwide customers.

WoTrus CA Limited offers "one stop" security for today's businesses and consumers; a comprehensive, user friendly infrastructure designed and integrated with exciting new hardware and software security and digital signature product s and services.

Richard Wang, CEO&CTO, learn the latest technology in Silicon Valley in United State, and understand the differences of Chinese and Western cultural, on many times to the United States receiving technical training and participation in relevant technical international conferences, is the state-level technical experts in network and telecommunications in China, with a number of patented technologies, and often write technical articles for the "China Computer World" and "China InfoWorld". Mr. Richard Wang with its management team successfully have explored a network marketing business model for WoTrus, to ensure that WoTrus even don't have marketing and sales department, but has more than 100% annual rapid growth in the past seven years (2004.12-2011.12), to become one of the largest digital certificate provider in China that has more than 70% market share in China!



Currently, WoTrus focus on China market, and is developing worldwide step by step. WoTrus brand digital certificate products success in China market because of its high performance, full Chinese support (certificate subject in Chinese and Chinese domain names), and provide best localization services for customers, so WoTrus brand is accepted by the high-end customer since it has high performance and best service, and is accepted by the low-end customers by its good price. WoTrus products have been widely used in Internet online banking, Internet online securities, Internet online funds, China Mobile, China Telecom and major well-known e-commerce websites like dangdang.com, suning.com,360.cn etc. WoTrus code signing certificate in the Chinese market share has exceeded 90%, SSL certificate market share in China has exceeded 30%. WoSign is the sole provider in China that its certificates support all browsers, and provide a full range of digital certificate products. WoTrus is the largest market share of digital certificates in China.

Customer Services:

Digital identity verification and digital certificate products are highly specialized services and products, cannot sell products only! In order to provide world-class high-quality professional services, WoTrus have adopt the internationally standard "First Contact Responsibility", means: who first receiving the user's telephone or online help, who is the responsibility of this customer's sole contact person, to provide pre-sales, after-sales service for this customer. Whether customers have any questions, simply contact the sole person in charge that this solution can completely break the traditional irresponsible management model that sales staff is only responsible for sales; customer should contact another person for after-sales service and technical support.

The “First Contact Responsibility" is backed by excellent customer service team, all the customer service and technical support engineers have received the strict training and exam, all can help customers solve all the digital certificate products related problems in the application, installation and daily use.

The “First Contact Responsibility" is backed by the never-busy telephone line intelligent queuing system, online help intelligent queuing system, highly trained professional team . The “First Contact Responsibility" let you choose WoTrus to provide the digital certificate products and services for you with full confidence.

Audit, Certification and Award:

• We verify the true identity very strictly to every certificate applicant according to our international standard CPS (Certificate Practice Statement), all verification and certificate facility are audited by world famous audit company;