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EV SecSSL Extended Validation EV SSL Certificate

EV SecSSL is a Extended Validation SSL certificate issued by WoSign, when the browser visit a EV SSL secured website, the address bar turns green to tell customer this is a trustworthy website. Same green bar, but cost less! Green means "Trust"!

EV SSL is the very best SSL certificate option for organizations that deal with sensitive personal and financial information, credit card details, or login credentials.

Once your site is enabled with WoSign EV SecSSL, the browser address bar will turn green when a user visits your site, showing that your website has been verified as authentic and not a known scam or phishing site. This will set your business apart, giving your customers peace of mind when submitting private data.

EV SSL Certificates Help to Protect Your Customers

Online shopping is about trust, and getting Extended Validation EV SSL certificates is one of the most effective ways to build trust with your customers.

EV SSL Certificates help you protect your most valuable assets, your customers and your brand, by protecting them from phishing scams and online fraud.

Benefits of Extended Validation Certificates:

(1)Green Bar Assurance: The browser's address bar turns green when visiting a site using an EV SSL Certificate, confirming that the site has passed a comprehensive identity verification.

(2)Converts more visitors into sales - increased conversion rates mean increased revenue!

(3)Meets and exceeds PCI Compliance requirements for SSL certificates .

(4)Secure multiple domains, 3-100 different domains, this feature can be used for your multi-website, Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Office Communications Server 2007.

(5)Support International Domain Names like Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc.

Although EV SSL certificates are validated to the highest level, WoSign has streamlined the process to provide your certificate in quickest and most effective way possible.

EV SSL Certificates are usually issued within a day or two of the original request. However, it is always a good idea to order your certificate in advance of when it will actually be needed.

What does EV look like in Internet Explorer, Firefox,, Safari, Opera, and Chrome?