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Products Overview

WoSign digtial certificates products including SSL Certificates, Code Signing Certificates, and Client Certificates support 99% browser and servers, more and more worldwide customers, especially in China, are using WoSign products to secure online transactions, confirm and protect identities, and operate fully managed trusted environments for conducting business over the Internet and wireless network.

WoSign digital certificates, including SSL certificate, Code signing certificate and Client certificate, support worldwide popular non-English system languages in certificate Subject, and SSL certificate support IDN(International Domain Name). WoSign support all languages that Windows OS support.

SSL Certificates

With WoSign SSL certificates you can start conducting secure online transactions with confidence, quickly and cost-effectively. Our SSL certificates enable up to 256-bit encryption and can be used to secure servers used for Web sites, intranets, extranets and other applications.And our SGC ZhenSSL support Server-Gated Cryptography (SGC) technolgy that it can assure customers of stronger encryption, greater privacy and reduced risks of fraud and identity theft.

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Code Signing Certificates

WoSign's code signing certificate represent the latest in next-generation technology for digitally signing applications, binding people and documents and assuring code integrity and security to Internet, Intranet and wireless platforms. WoSign Code Signing Certificate for Microsoft Authenticode support Windows 2000/XP/Vista that no need to update Windows root certificates and provide free time stamp service. And WoSign also resell TC Trust Center code signing certificates to meet customer all code signing request.

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Client Certificates

WoSign Client Certificates provide a cost-effective and fully-managed solution to credential users and provide strong authentication for secure network access, email and other communications.

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Two Factor Authentication Products and Solutions

We provide two option for two factor authentication: one is EPKI + USB Key + SSL, another option is OTP + SSL. EPKI is designed for enterprises who want to issue more than 100 client certificates by themselves. USB Token is a compact, two-factor authentication token client security for network authentication, email encryption, and digital signing applications. OTP Token is a simple way for two-factor authentication. The two solution need SSL for secure transaction.

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