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“Boost Youth Vitality with May Fourth Spirit”,WoSign CA Youth Day Mountaineering Race

On China’s Youth Day, a fresh Mountaineering Race was held by WoSign to enhance physical exercises, steel their willpower and boost the spirit of Youth Day.

The location where the race took place is the Nanshan Park. From the starting point, Shekou Custom Entrance to the destination, covers a “range” of 1200 stairs. Uniforms on, “Steady”!

While a rainstorm had blown early on the day, turning the path somewhat slippery, it merely rushed the dust away but not the morale of the WoSigners. After the warming-up, the referee shouted “ready, go!” WoSigners rushed out from the starting line, heading for the 1200th stair. All in a sudden, the forest was embellished with a bright orange color.

WoSigners were separated into the Male Group and the Female Group, and each had 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. The champion of the Male Group took only 12 minutes to finish whole race. The time the female champion took did not have a real big difference from the man’s. Some fellows felt sick in the race but with willpower finally finished the race.

At the top of Nanshan mountain, the panoramic view of Shenzhen Bay and Nanshan Central area is fascinating. Teaming up to achieve a goal, the sense of unity and the energy it created at that moment overwhelmed the excitement of any prizes. After the race, an award ceremony and party were held.

Youth is the golden age, but in what age should the word, Youth be defined? The energy, excitement and sense of unity in the event give an answer, that is youth is not defined by age, but attitude. It is the willingness to persevere even after long term of sufferings. It is the original will even after all types of temptations. WoSign is always on the way of Internet Security in the CA industry with 13 years of perseverance and trust and support from the customers. Isn’t the teenager WoSign in its Youth right now? There can be difficulties in the future, but WoSign will keep moving forward for the next splendid future.