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WoTrus Summing-up for the 2017 and Planning for 2018 Meeting And 2018 Annual Celebration Ended Joyfully

On Feb. 3, 2018, WoTrus Summing-up for the 2017 and Planning for 2018 Meeting (hereafter known as the Meeting) and 2018 Annual Celebration (hereafter known as the Celebration), whose subject is “A layout of the future with our original intention”, is held in Evergreen Resort Hotel in Shenzhen. The Celebration this year is quite different. It is an audio-visual feast this year, which leaves great impression on every WoTruser.

The Meeting

Under the passion and effort each WoTruser has paid for their work last year, both RD and Sales had a delightful success. Based on the main business, the digital certificate, WoTrus actively extended its field into cloud, IoT, Blockchain, such that are creative solutions for new fields and as a result of those, associated Internet Security applications have been developed and several arduous projects have been captured. CEO, Richard Wang looks satisfied, giving a speech on the Meeting, and making a summary to the work being done in the 2017 and a plan for 2018. After that, each manager of WoTrus gives a speech. The subject of the Meeting and the Celebration is “A layout of the future with our original intention”, which is of profound significance. That includes the unshakable determination of WoTrus to serve the Chinese Internet trust and security, as was declared at the time the company was first established and WoTrus will keep it in mind to arrange for the future and provide excellent products and services for Internet security.

The Celebration

The Celebration of 2018 is quite a different one. Suiting up, evening dressing, red carpet, cameras, they are stars! Every hardworking figure now is stepping on the stage, shining like a diamond.

The Celebration begins by a medley of songs, with the key one, Sailor. Sailor, a metaphor of resilience in face with unpredictable obstacles, sounds powerful and inspiring. The comedies this year are hilarious. In the two shows named “Four gifted youths” and “Gathering”, actors provide endless comic and audience burst their sides with laughter. Without a booming land, how can any industry be developed? There comes the chorus, “Ode to the Motherland”. In an imposing manner, and in a resonant sound, vigor, enthusiasm, unity and a prosperous scene of our motherland are sung out. Then a Fashion show is followed, which is gorgeous. The last show is a piece of dance, by a group of youths that ends the shows of the Celebration in a lively way.

Who is going to be the luckiest one? Here comes the exciting moment, the Lucky Draw. Specifically, the awards this year are abundant and interesting though, the most amazing set are the special award that are not won by being lucky but are given to WoTruser that have been worked in WoTrus for over 3 years. This special one is a high-end mobile phone of Huawei. WoTrus believes that the stability of their teams is the key to their development, so the special award is gratitude for their older workers.

Another exciting moment is the awarding. Excellent Newcomer Award, Excellent Employee Award and Excellent Manager Award are awards for outstanding individuals accordingly. Another two individual awards, 5-Year Award and 10-Year Award are for the staff that have been shoulder to shoulder in crossing every time of trouble water during the years. It is the perseverance and contribution given by each of the staff that cast the tenacious and powerful spirit of the company.

The success of the Celebration is also guaranteed by the hardworking of the backstage workers. Back in one month ago, the HRs were preparing for the Celebration. Arrangement of the shows, Red Carpet sector, the opening video, are creative ideas by them. Rehearsals again and again after work in the past month, ceremonial usherettes, photographers and devices, all are factors for the success of the Celebration.

The annual celebration has come to an end, but the blueprint of WoTrus is just unfolded. In 2018, WoTrus will remember the intention and mission, by continuing to providing excellent digital certificate products and services. In 2018, WoTrus will be innovative and complete a layout for the future, by enriching solutions for more industries and improving Internet security products as contribution for the Chinese Internet Security.