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Company English Name Change Notice

In order to clearly distinguish between WoSign old root CA certificate and the upcoming new root CA certificate, the Board of Directors has unanimously approved that the company English name will be changed from “WoSign CA Limited” to “WoTrus CA Limited” since August 24, 2017, and no change for the company Chinese name (沃通电子认证服务有限公司). The new English name is more close to the Chinese name pronunciation.

And the Hong Kong subordinate company name is also changed from “WoSign CA Limited” to“WoTrus CA Limited 沃通電子認證服務有限公司”.

So, the logo will also be changed:

The company English name change is just for the clearly identifying the upcoming new root from the old WoSign name root, no change for the company shareholder, no any change for the company responsibility, the SSL certificate issued from WoSign named new intermediate CA after Nov 21, 2016 still trusted by all browsers.

The new brand website: www.wotrus.com will be released soon, the current website www.wosign.com still work to sell the Managed Sub CA issued WoSign brand SSL certificate that trusted by all browsers.

Thanks for ten years’ love and support the WoSign brand, We (WoTrus) will continue as always, to provide high quality pre-sale and after-sales service for worldwide customers.